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We do single patches or many, as well as matching the surrounding textures.

Having your home repaired does not have to be costly when you have made the right choice in choosing the contractor for the job. Dr. Dry Wall, one of the well known contractors in Dallas, offers various kinds of home improvement repairs that are practical yet very efficient. We get to the root of your household problems and get rid of them for you. In this way, you will be able to achieve n attractive and cozy living atmosphere. Our specialization covers numerous repair services such drywall repair, roof repair, painting and demolition for your lovely Dallas home.

Dr. Dry Wall Co. can be depended on for any type of home repair services. Our company in Dallas has been serving Dallas for over twenty years now. We provide a wide array of repair services, from water rot, framing and carpentry, replacements of windows and doors. The range of our services has increased over the years so that we could accommodate our clients’ demands. It is our excellent craftsmanship and professionalism that has helped us to remain in this business. We believe that it is our responsibility to make our client’s home to be functional and safe.

“Open Wall Surgery” is among our specialties. We check the condition of your walls and determine the cause of its deterioration. After we diagnose the cause of the problem, you are given options on how to improve the structure of your walls. We make sure that your walls are in their top condition inside and out. Your walls would not only look attractive on the outside, but they would remain strong from potential breakage on the inside. We have perfected our “open wall surgery” over the years of pursuing the most efficient means of repairing walls. The satisfaction that we give to our clients has brought us recognition and we intend to keep on going. Our team of experts in Dallas goes the extra mile in proving that home repairs do not have to be costly. Regardless of the client’s budget, our skilled craftsmen and carpenters equally pour out their talents and expertise onto the project. In this way, the quality of the work done is never compromised. read more

Our foremost priority is your safety. When we provide drywall services in Dallas, we follow construction and installation guidelines properly. Our well-trained team of experts will work diligently in accommodating all your personalized services.

Our safety record is impeccable. With the track record we keep, our clients trust us to follow safety policies and procedures to the letter. Passing safety audits is also important in our business and we take great care to consistently set high standards in our work. Turn to our company in Dallas for all your drywall repair needs and we will be happy to accommodate you with customized services.

Our group of drywall experts use the most advanced and effective tools to carry out our drywall services. We have worked on different types of construction projects whether large or small. You can count on our team to do honest work and keep project deadlines to a minimum amount of time. This way, you get the most value for the money you spend.

With Dr. Dry Wall Co., we do our best not to interrupt our client's privacy while we meticulously do our job. Call on us when you are in need of drywall repair in Dallas. We do roof repair in Dallas as well. We are proud of the home repair services that we provide because we pour our hearts into them to show how dedicated we are in making your homes as comfortable as possible. A home is where many memories are created and it is our goal to make our client's residence safe and cozy. It is not just a house, it is a home.


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